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Webroot is committed to taking the misery out of Internet security for consumers and businesses worldwide. Webroot products consistently receive top review ratings by respected third parties and have been adopted by millions globally. With a wide range of online security products for home and office, Webroot protects corporate networks and allows consumers to download music, store digital files, bank, shop, surf and search – safely.

Founded in 1997, the company provides best-of-breed security solutions that protect personal information and corporate assets from online and internal threats. Based in Broomfield, Colo., the company is privately held and backed by some of the industry's leading venture capital firms, including Technology Crossover Ventures, Accel Partners and Mayfield. Webroot currently has approximately 400 employees worldwide.


1.       Webroot SecureAnywhere for Consumer

Webroot SecureAnywhere installs in milliseconds, scans in less than two minutes and becomes more intelligent every day.  Its 700-kilobyte client efficiently accesses more than 75 terabytes of malware data in our cloud-based Webroot Intelligence Network.

As this collective intelligence delivers comprehensive real-time protection, endpoints collect over 200 gigabytes of behavioral hashes each day.  Unique URL and IP data feeds from strategic partners to further enrich our malware intelligence.  As a result, Webroot SecureAnywhere becomes more powerful every minute, and more effective each time an endpoint is added anywhere in the world.

Product features:

Revolutionary Threat Protection

  • Enhanced antimalware engine makes Webroot's cloud-based detection even more effective at identifying new threats
  • Warns you of malicious sites and search results before you click on them
  • First-of-its-kind management website allows you check security for your PCs, Macs and mobile devices, no matter where you are
  • Want an extra layer of online protection? No problem. Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete doesn't cause conflicts with other security programs, so you can add it to the protection you already have.
  • Compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 8
  • Social network protection on Facebook and Twitter

Proven Faster and More Efficient

  • Quietly protects you without interrupting you or slowing you down
  • Doesn't rely on old-fashioned threat signatures that need constant updates to detect threats
  • Most scans take less than two minutes*
  • Uses less computer memory than competitive security products*

Identity and Privacy Protection

  • Encrypts your passwords and syncs across your devices so you can easily and safely login to your banking and shopping sites
  • Unique Identity Shield "hardens" your browser to prevent cybercriminals from stealing your personal information while you are shopping or banking online
  • Next generation firewall that uses the cloud to detect and block harmful network connections
  • Antiphishing projection warns you of fake websites that trick you into entering your personal information

Mobile Internet Security

  • Contains the mobile protection that PCWorld called "the fastest-rising wireless security star"
  • Protects your iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices
  • Automatically scans all apps and downloads for mobile threats
  • Locates, locks or wipes data from your smartphone or tablet if lost or stolen
  • Blocks harmful websites in your mobile browser

System and File Protection

  • 25GB of online storage available to protect your files, photos, music and more
  • If you make a change to a file on one of your devices, the changes are automatically made to the file on your other devices
  • System Analyzer and System Cleaner combine to diagnose and clean system slowdowns, maintain your privacy and find security holes
  • Maintains your privacy by wiping away all traces of your online activity and removing unneeded files
  • Never Worry That Your Protection is Setup Properly
  • New, intelligent installer automatically optimizes settings to maximize protection for your specific computer
  • Your PC protection is always updated and working quietly in the background
  • An all new home dashboard clearly explains how you are protected
  • Webroot's Customer Support can solve issues quickly. When you ask for help, a report with details of the problem and your system are sent automatically.


2.       Webroot Corporate


As evidenced by the increasing rate of breaches and infections, today’s threats have overwhelmed traditional endpoint security. Not only has the volume of malware grown exponentially, but financially motivated attackers  circumvent signature-based detection and heuristics that do not take into account file behaviors. Webroot leverages real-time collective intelligence, behavioral heuristics and other innovations to protect organizations against ever-evolving threats.


Increasingly sophisticated threats have driven legacy security vendors to layer features and technologies onto their products. Multi-layered security approaches have also been adopted to cope with virtualization, remote workforces and other IT trends. Consequently, administrators must use an array of tools that rarely share the same management interface. Webroot minimizes management complexity while improving visibility and control.


Operational conflicts related to endpoint security have become all too common. They range from creating false positives to definition file updates rendering endpoints unusable. Overweight clients also interfere with—or even crash—the system or other applications. Webroot's cloud-based architecture minimizes these operational risks by employing a lightweight client and eliminating signature updates altogether.


For legacy endpoint security vendors, the solution to more malware is more software. Consequently, bloated clients conflict with other software and grind CPUs to a halt during painfully long scans. Webroot takes the burden off a user's machine by making the cloud do the heavy lifting. The lightweight cloud-client leverages Webroot real-time collective intelligence to reduce scan times to less than a minute and eliminate signature updates entirely.


Endpoint security customers have learned to endure abysmal remediation and support. Long phone queues and tedious processes are the norm with most legacy vendors. Then it either takes days to receive custom signatures and patches, or a tech ultimately offers reimaging as the only recourse, while making the customer feel responsible for the issue. Webroot's cloud-based approach significantly simplifies the support process eliminating the traditional support headaches.

It's easy and takes just five minutes to protect your business PCs from viruses, worms, rootkits and other threats.

Our 700 kilobyte client downloads in milliseconds and the initial scan takes less than 2 minutes. It works on any windows-based PC, server, or virtual environment. It can be installed alongside a competitive endpoint, avoiding the hassles of standing up a test environment or removing conflicting software. Try Webroot SecureAnywhere™ yourself for the most rewarding 2 minutes of your newly secure life!