Server Application Monitor

Get All the Power You Need Without the Complexity and Cost!

  • Agentless performance monitoring for virtually any application
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, reports, best practice performance thresholds, and more
  • Configurable alerting and root cause analysis

SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor (APM) provides server and application performance monitoring in one easy-to-deploy software package with no agents, no expensive consultants, and no long deployment cycles.

Application Performance Monitor provides visibility into your physical and virtual infrastructure, application components, and O/S performance and delivers enterprise-class application performance monitoring capabilities at a price point you’ll love.

Just install the software, select the apps and servers you want to monitor, and go grab some lunch while SolarWinds APM auto-discovers the applications and servers in your environment. When you get back, your monitoring environment will be waiting for you—complete with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, reports, and more! It’s as easy as that!

Server and application performance monitoring has never been more powerful, easy-to-use, or affordable.

Patch Manager

We know that patch management can be a frustrating task that inspires fear and loathing. So we acquired leading technology from EminentWare to build our new Patch Manager. You’ll change your tune about patch management after you experience how much time this product can save you! We even provide you with pre-built, pre-tested, third-party patches and make them super easy for you to deploy to your servers and workstations. Go ahead – experience the joy of patch management!

7 reasons to love Patch Manager:

  • Automate patching applications across tens of thousands of servers and workstations
  • Receive automatic notifications of new third-party patches from leading vendors like Adobe®, Apple®, Google®, Mozilla®, and Sun®; then deploy our pre-built, pre-tested patches to save tons of time
  • Use PackageBoot™ technology to execute custom actions before and after patches are deployed so that you can rest assured that even the peskiest of patches gets deployed correctly (and doesn’t break anything in the process)
  • Manage updates dynamically, pushing the right patches to the right machines at the right time
  • Perform enterprise-wide discovery and inventory quickly and identify rogue, unauthorized, and unpatched computers instantly
  • Get visibility into patch compliance with an extensive collection of simple, built-in reports
  • Leverage your existing WSUS and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) deployments

Synthetic End User Monitor

Synthetic End User Monitor takes the mystery out of tracking the response time and health of your critical web applications, so that you can shine a light on issues before your users do.With just a push of a button, a recorder captures the steps involved in a web transaction and saves them to a test that can run every 5 minutes. The latest version even makes it quick and easy for you to deploy tests to the cloud and run synthetic transactions whenever you see fit!

  • Continuously monitor user experience and response time from multiple locations for internal (behind the firewall), customer-facing, SaaS, and cloud-based applications
  • Record tests with the push of a button and run automated tests at frequent intervals
  • Quickly and inexpensively deploy transaction players to Amazon® EC2 with the Cloud Player Portal and run synthetic transactions from the cloud whenever you want to
  • Measure independent step latency for more effective troubleshooting
  • Record and playback rich content, including Flash® and Silverlight®

Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

Makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues within your ever-changing corporate or data center network. It delivers real-time views and dashboards that enable you to visually track network performance at a glance. Plus, with our dynamic network topology maps and automated network discovery features, you can keep up with your evolving network without breaking a sweat. And Orion NPM is the easiest product of its kind to use and maintain, meaning you will spend more time actually managing networks, not supporting Orion NPM.

  • Delivers detailed monitoring and analysis of performance data from routers, switches, servers, and other SNMP-enabled devices
  • Automatically discovers network devices and shows performance statistics in real time via dynamic network maps
  • Includes out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, reports, best practice thresholds, and more

Network Performance Monitoring Highlights:

Comprehensive Network Performance Monitoring for Multi-Vendor Networks

  • Monitors, tracks the up/down status, and analyzes real-time, in-depth, network performance statistics for routers, switches, wireless access points, servers, and any other SNMP-enabled device.
  • An intuitive user interface works the way you think by providing device-by-device drill down and detailed system information on network devices, servers, virtual machines, or virtual or Fiber Channel switches.

Intelligent Network Alerting

  • Allows you to quickly view the status of your core IT services and data center through refined alerting that dynamically groups related systems and devices.
  • Delivers alerts on real issues by enabling advanced network alerting dependencies for correlated events, sustained conditions, and complex combinations of device states.

Automated Network Discovery & Mapping

  • Periodically scans your network for changes and prompts you to monitor new devices.
  • Displays your network pictorially and enables you to visually track performance statistics in real time via dynamic network maps.

Robust Network Reports

  • Customizable, out-of-the-box reports deliver insight into the health of your network.
  • Share performance data with stakeholders who don’t have a SolarWinds NPM login by easily scheduling and exporting reports to a PDF format.

Scalable, Extensible, and Easy to Deploy

  • Modular design and flexible licensing model enables you to buy just what you need when your business needs it.
  • Scales to accommodate growth and enterprise network management needs.
  • Works with other SolarWinds products to extend management capabilities to NetFlow traffic analysis, IP SLA WAN monitoring, IP address management, network configuration management, user device tracking, and application and server performance.
  • Deploys in less than an hour with do-it-yourself deployment—no expensive consultants required